Whether you like former President Trump or not this day should concern you as an American. It should also concern you as a politician on either side of the spectrum.

Too many are so concentrated on their hate that they can not see the crookedness in our government as a whole. If New York justice system is allowed to proceed with this and find our former President guilty this will set a whole new injustice for everyone.

It may seem funny to the media, the comedians around the world and some of you but this could very well be you as the political target someday! Americans can not be a nation that is allowed to target (arrest) just any political figure running to stop their chance of running!

We were once the greatest country in the world! So many longed to come here but now drug and human traffickers are the ones running to our border freely. World leaders are laughing as our government is destroying itself within!

We are divided right down the middle. Good against evil not the right against the left. America needs to put God first and stand up against our government to protect our country!

The government needs to work for us (we the people) once again and our justice system needs to be changed to protect us as Americans not hurt us!

Put your feelings aside (all Americans) and fight together to stop the weaponizing of our justice system, the limitation of our rights according to OUR constitution and our freedoms.


A fellow American