This blog is for all people with different political views to come together and voice respectively what they feel in 2021. Be honest but be respectful to others. There is too much hate and name-calling on other social media sites! I feel like we need to come together as Americans or those that our politics affect in other nations and begin to understand one another. You never know some might have more in common than you think! Feel free to post on my blog political events so we can give our viewpoints!

My political view

I will start with my political choice and concerns. I used to be an independent voter. In 2016 I changed to Republican. I am conservative and I think America needs to be run like a business. I wanted Donald Trump to run long before he did. That was my opinion. He has a business mind not a polical mind. I feel we were going in a positive direction with President Trump until this so-called pandemic came during his presidency. America is a mess with President Biden. I would like to know how democrats feel honestly now. Who do you think is running our country? What do you think needs to change now? Anyone with any political opinion or fact is welcome to comment respectively.

The photos below represent just a few of the contraversial political topics today. I really would like honest respectful debates from every political affliation on my blog. We need to come together and talk about this instead of fighting and doing all of the namecalling. We all know deep down America is in serious trouble. Things have to change fast!