A majority of America is counting down to our midterm elections in November. I know Florida is for sure! Without a doubt, red should be back! This election can change this country back pretty quickly in my opinion from what the lead Democrats of the left have put in place so far in just two years.

2022 concerning topics in America


I know some thought President Trump was just on a political tour making things up as he went but everything he warned us about in his famous rallies has shown itself to be fact. Struggling businesses, lack of workers, our stocks, and the high cost of living have caused the beginning of a recession. This administration has created bills that are attempting to destroy the middle class, seniors, and small businesses.


This administration has made our country more divided than any other administration in my time. They create issues of racism. They forced hatred in Hollywood, on your local news, and in our schools. They have created problems in society with the race that we did not have before. They have made political parties at war with one another. They use to disagree but now all they do is fight.


This administration has opened the borders of our great country. They do not protect us anymore. In order to try and get votes from illegals they have allowed the biggest amount of fentanyl to come in and kill our citizens. They have allowed immigrants in and have caused us (US taxpayers) to pay for their travel and lodging. The evil illegals are coming here under the radar of the legal system and committing serious crimes in our great nation. All of this was indeed predicted by one of Americas greatest presidents President Donald J. Trump!


Keeping these lockdowns in place in a lot of blue states has hurt our children mentally and intellectually! This administration has made the parents the bad guys. They have tried to stop the teaching of our history. Good or bad our history should be taught not deleted. They have put political pressure on our teachers. They have allowed children to “Identify” as anything they want. Kids should be learning math, reading, writing, etc not how to identify as a cat!


All I will say about this is no voter ID! That says enough about the far-left Democratic leaders!