Americans are battling this everywhere! First of all, whoever let this be known before the Supreme Court ruled should be brought up on charges. Second, all that this ruling did was bring the decision back to the states. We the people vote in our state for abortion rights. There is way too much debate going on about this.

If we go on science for everything then why don’t we follow the science on the topic of fetuses and when the heartbeat occurs? There are women all over the world that are suffering after their decision to abort their unborn child. It is shameful to me how many women are saying “my body is my choice”! When did women lose the maternal instinct or decide to ignore it?

Some states have decided on up to 15 weeks for abortion unless the mother’s life is at risk of ending. What is wrong with that? By 15 weeks a woman should know if she is pregnant and defiantly knows if she is pregnant from rape or incest! Science proves that a heart fully develops at 10 weeks. Science also has proven that an unborn child will react to pain at 20 weeks.

The gender can be seen at 6 weeks. All the science tells me that the fetus within a woman is a human at 6 weeks. The word of God tells me that God knew us before we were in our mother’s womb. I chose to listen to God but for those that want total proof listen to the science at least!

Mothers want to stop this heartbeat?