We have to be so careful in this election. I do not know about other conservatives but it sickens my stomach thinking about losing the House and Senate. Knowing that something was not on the up and up in 2020 still terrifies me that it could happen this year and in 2024. I keep telling myself that the more they try to take down President Trump so he can not win tells me they do not have a secure plan to win these next two crucial elections.

America as a whole still listens to the news channels. This administration is heading towards being communist in every way. They want full control of us. Socialism is on its way! The way they have changed our morals as a country seems more like evil against good. Christians need to get out and spread the word of God. Show those that are lost that God’s love and forgiveness are real> The next generation is being taught evil. They tell our kids that they can identify as anything or anyone that they want. They pretend to stand up for women when really they are not. They want to erase our history. They pretend to not be racist when they are the ones responsible for getting us to hate one another more with their lies.

If you see something wrong in this election say something, take video, photos whatever. Our freedoms are at stake here!

Please go vote in person. Call back and make sure that your vote counted. Help anyone that needs help to vote. Read up on the candidates. Do not just go down and vote for anyone that represents your party. You should know by watching our congress that there are traitors among us!

This is not about supporting President Trump, being a Trumpet, or whatever the enemy tries to label us it is about standing up for our constitution, our flag, God, and the United States of America. If you do not love this country then pack your bags and leave!

We need to Pray for all of the worlds. We need to pray for our leaders to have a change of heart.