Another witch hunt!

America needs to wake up! This is not just a political war but a spiritual war between good and evil. This is not solely about President Trump this is about an attack on Americans in general.

Democrats at the high level in my opinion know that republicans will win in 2022. They know they can not get away with all this again in this next election. They got away with it once but the American people are watching closely. Our kids are being taught that they can “identify as anything that they want. God has been taken out of the equation. Webster has changed the meaning of a woman. Conservatives have all been labeled “white supremacist” even though many conservatives are black and Asian. Parents that fight for their children’s rights are being labeled “domestic terrorists”! Women are fighting to be able to abort unborn children for up to 9 months! Biological men and boys are fighting to be able to dress like a woman, go in our girl’s bathrooms, and compete against girls and women. The same administration that fights for women’s rights also fights to take them away. What a double standard.

America’s leaders fight for Americans to kneel by our nation’s flag. This administration allows the destruction of our nation’s businesses and cities but locks up the people that protest our election. What the news does not tell you is that Americans wrote into our president (Donald J. Trump) and the Supreme Court reporting discrepancies within the early voting period. We the people asked President Trump to look into this. He did not just come up with a “conspiracy theory” he had many Americans telling him. It is the duty of the leader of our country to listen to the people. Something very wrong happened the night of the 2020 election. We went to sleep with President Trump leading then all of a sudden Biden votes came in while the American people were asleep. The candidate that wins Florida usually is the President of the United States. Those that originally voted for Biden have to know something happened that night and need to admit this administration is not for the people! Let go of the idea of hating Trump long enough to remember why America was great. We had freedom of speech. We had a secure border. We all had rights. All of this is being taken away from every American. Biden is not running this country. He is a puppet. He is not medically able to run this country. Do you not care about that fact? Do you not wonder who is making all the decisions? They all actually work for us not the other way around. Do not think for one moment that if they can invade the former president of the United States’ privacy and home they will not eventually be coming into our homes next! Wake up America before it is too late and we become a communist country!