I know that people need the truth out there. You do not get it from most Radio stations or TV stations. The government is all over the place with Covid is it’s the CDC and Dr. Fauci. They act like they know but they don’t really know what this is.

I had both my Pfizer vaccinations I’ve always been pro vaccination! I do not believe the vaccination should be forced on any American. Forcing a vaccination is unconstitutional.This is a flu. I never believed it was a pandemic. It affects older people and people with serious underlining conditions that they had prior to getting Covid. Do not let them make you fearful of Covid but respect the virus! 

I live in Florida. Most of you if you that ever watch the fake news you will know of governor DeSantis. He’s a very good governor and he cares about his people ! Governor DeSantis has a treatment Available for those that have Covid. It will keep them out of the hospitals. Governor DeSantis took an oath when he became governor. Not to follow the federal government but to uphold the US Constitution! Read your constitution. You need to be able to decipher the good and bad of this government today. As I said before do not fear Covid but respect it.