Portrait shot of an Asian restaurant owner putting a closing down poster into a door window due to Covid 19 outbreak

I feel like President Trump was forced to shut down our country. I think it was not necessary to shut down all of the business as they did. I feel like some came up with this so that the election was easier to manipulate with mail-in ballots. I am stating an opinion. I wonder how many think the same way. They could not stand the fact that President Trump had the best economy and the fact his border was indeed working so somehow this lab-created virus was brought into this country purposely. It was made in a lab so it would be very hard for scientists to figure it out right away. They created fear in our great country. We went from one mask to two masks to no mask. We went from being vaccinated would not spread the virus to they could spread it. Now we are segregating vaccinated and unvaccinated with the new administration. Our small businesses were forced to close. Some never opened again. All of these mandates are not constitutional. America needs to wake up! This administration is not for the “Poor” or middle class. This was all a plan to get rid of President Trump and to get “control” over the American people! I believe opening the wall overwhelmed the new administration Now they do not know how to fix the problem. President Trump warned us all and some did not listen because the “new” lied about President Trump. Every person needs to know your rights. The government works for us, not the other way around. Please feel free to comment on my blogs. I really want to hear all-party thoughts today in 2021.-Elizabeth