I would really like to hear a debate on the topic of vaccine/mask mandates. I would like legal experts to weigh in on this. I started this blog in hopes that Americans could come together and discuss the huge political topics of today. In my 48 years, I have never seen anything like this. We have had the flu shot, the pneumonia shot, meningitis, etc but never have we been mandated to get all of these. I personally believe that is a power kick used by today’s administration in the White House. They have put the fear in many that this is more than common flu. The numbers do not prove that the vaccine is working to stop it worldwide so why are they able to mandate it?

I have some serious questions to ask. I wish I could get honest answers. How did we cure the common flu as soon as Covid hit? The cases all of a sudden went down. Why did we go from a vaccinated person who could go unmasked to they should wear a mask again? If vaccinated persons can spread the virus then why are they the ONLY ones permitted on cruises and such. Is this a form of purposed segragation? Why are there so many deaths with the title due to complications of Covid? Should we be watching this death count closer? Are the hospitals getting a kickback for putting Covid on the death certificate? We all need to open our eyes and see what is really going on. Florida’s governor can have an open state with antibodies treatments out there and keep his covid hospitalizations down. Why would the other governors not tell their own about this and make it available? Are they risking lives for political reasons? I welcome anyone to help answer these questions and supply proof.